girls in uniform

The cliche of the fireman or the nurse, very little for you? Yet, in the fantasies of an overwhelming majority of men and women, we often find the myth of the uniform. Symbol of power, and or submission, it raises the temperature.

Everyone has their sexual fantasies, expressed or not, more or less classic. If you ask your friends, you soon realize that some people come back very regularly, both women and men: uniforms.

Join the dance

Disguised (e), the key of the pleasure is to make the suspense last, to raise the pressure. To play in sum! By letting go, you can go on an improvised seduction, like a theater scene that is good for skidding. Without necessarily going to the striptease, why not do a little dance around your partner. Turn around the target before you get close nothing more stoking. At this moment you can start playing with the costume – pull on a jacket collar, snap a strap, brief titillate accessories!

Once the tactile phase has begun, launch into endless caresses in the recesses of his uniform, in the hollow of these erogenous zones. Just whisper soft words to it when it comes to acting, your sympathetic system is raw, this network of nerves radiating your heart and your entire body. Your breathing accelerates, your blood vessels shrink. There, the hypothalamus becomes the real motor, this small gland lodged in the brain that commands the approximation, the intimate proximity. Then let yourself be carried or let him take things in his hands according to your mood. “Putting into action his fantasies is satisfactory if I consider them as a source of inspiration and that I admit my ignorance in the following events,” says Sophie Cadalen, author of the book Reves de femmes.

The use of the uniform is effective for all couples, but also in cases of hypoactive sexual desire. That is to say, a total absence of fantasy, fantasy and therefore sexual fulfillment linked to an alteration of the “cognitive component of sex”, teaches us Professor Serge Stoleru, doctor of psychology at Paul Hospital Jewish City Bush (Inserm). Without the latter, physical envy, emotional stimulation and motivation also suffer.

The fantasy of the uniform

Tilted Kilt

According to a survey conducted by the British dating website BeNaughty in 2018, the fantasy of the uniform still has beautiful days (and beautiful nights) in front of him. The uniform trades are the ones that attract the most like, and comments. Firefighter, policeman, doctor, pilot, nurse, stewardess, maid…the list is long!

Uniforms are fantasizing because they are the representation of a form of authority and power, in one way or the other, dominate or be dominated, everyone sees what he secretly seeks. In addition, the uniform trades are also for more than half of the respondents, a sign of emotional honesty and seriousness.

By the way, wearing a uniform is also a good sign when it comes to sex, and therefore, very good for libido.

Uniforms that drive up desire

This may surprise some, but uniforms also have a magical power: that of arousing sexual desire. Indeed, what they represent (strength and authority, submission and service, care etc.) are qualities sought under the duvet by those who crack for the uniform.

Also, an immense majority of people registered on dating sites think that they will have more satisfying sexual relations with the choice of a soldier, a policewoman, a maid, a Santa Claus etc.

As a result, these uniforms are also adopted by those who want to spice up their sex life, in the form of costume and role play. A simple costume indeed has the power to increase the libido soaring! Police cop, pilot cap, fire helmet, play games.