If you live in Wellington or are on vacation in the capital city of New Zealand, you might just be looking for a little bit of naughty fun. Well, in that case, you will probably appreciate the fact that there are a small number of strip clubs in Wellington – with some of them even having upstairs brothels!

New Zealand is very relaxed in regards to its laws about sex workers and strippers and this is one reason why so many men visit the country. Prostitution is completely legal so there are a good number of legit brothels. Adult clubs and strip clubs in NZ are also very easy to come by, especially in Wellington.

However, before you all go piling into the nearest club you can find in the city, there are certain things you will need to know.

Knowing the Rules

While any strip in the country will obviously have pretty strippers that are paid to take off their clothes, each club will have its own rules on things like touching, touching during a lapdance, and how to go about tipping the strippers. It is important to quickly establish what these rules are for every club that you go to.

Some of these clubs will allow you to touch the women while at other clubs it will be down to the preference of the dancers themselves. Furthermore, tipping the dancers are sometimes done after their routine in collection boxes or you may be lucky enough to find a club that allows you to put your notes in their g-string.

Another thing of note is that while some of these clubs will have a brothel upstairs, it does not necessarily mean that the dancers on the stage will be among the women that you can pay to sleep with. Some may partake in the action both downstairs and upstairs but you should not expect this to be the case with all as some are there just to strip.


Well, most of the clubs are of a good standard in New Zealand but some are far more expensive than others and may not feel like great value for money. On the flip side, the most expensive clubs tend to have a more professional feel to them rather than being too much on the seedy side.

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