Hello my name is Julia and I have received lots of letters from men who wrote me what do girls think of single guys using escorts or call girls?To me, since they are not cheating or doing anything immoral (Escort services as far as I know are not really illegal if the man and the girl behave in appropriate ways), guys can reasonably use them to satisfy their sexual needs if they are single.But some women think those girls are dirty or something.Which makes them not want to date or marry the men they know have used those girls.

Figure 1- Escort Berlin

So what do you think? I’m asking this question totally because I find it interesting and feel you are really open-minded and would like to talk about all kinds of questions related to sex.And I don’t have any personal issue about it or anything like that.

First I’m not going to get into whether or not prostitution or escort services should be legal or regulated or anything like that.That’s a whole other show.But let’s start by defining the difference between an escort and a prostitute.A prostitute gives sexual services for money or goods.They usually work alone or with a pimp or a brothel.And sometimes they walk the streets looking for John’s.But an escort girl escorts the customer to social functions and events.They’re paid to be a date basically.They provide companionship for money.They usually work for an escort company.

Figure 2 – Escort Service Hamburg

However many escorts do provide sexual services for their customer.Because they can get away with it and not be arrested.Because they can just claim that wasn’t part of the contract.They just wanted to have sex with each other.Some men have also mentioned that some women are turned off by guys who use these girls.Because they think the girls are dirty.Implying that the women are afraid of STIs (Sexually transmitted infection).

But I think it’s about something else. I think it’s more about what the act of buying sex or companionship from if someone says about the individual.Now we shouldn’t make sweeping generalizations here.Everyone is different.And reasons for buying sex or companionship are going to vary as well as reasons why someone becomes an escort.With personal details and context missing judgement should be withheld.Now I have no personal experience in anyway with this particular topic.

So I can’t provide any personal insight.So I did some reading and gathered some insight from women who’ve worked in the industry.Many of the former escorts I’d read about so they had contempt for the men who bought them.They detailed how their job was essentially catering to these men’s egos. And how emotionally exhausting it was.

I found this a fascinating and probably accurate point of view.They say that men who pay for sex on, what they’re really paying for is not the sex, but for the woman to walk away and leave him alone.The no strings attached.The no drama.They’re paying for discretion.And that’s probably true in many cases.