In modern society, escorts have become a familiar and demanded element of our dynamic and busy life, so more and more people turn to the relevant agencies. There are a lot of proposals on the market of the escort industry of the Northern capital, but how to choose the best? Specificity of services is such that there are practically no measurable quality parameters, and the ordinary consumer can easily make a mistake in his choice.

So, what should I look for when choosing an escort service? How to evaluate the level and quality of the service you offer? In this article, we will try to highlight all the main points and help you navigate in a field that is not yet familiar to you.

Suggestion first

The first thing you should pay attention to is the number of models offered. In a large and authoritative escort agency, their number is always more than 20. This is a kind of “guarantor” of that, then you are turning to a respectable and respected agency. An additional advantage for you will be the opportunity to choose exactly the companion that you like.

Be sure to appreciate the appearance of the presented models and the quality of the photos themselves. All girls should be elegant and neat looking, in beautiful clothes, with perfect figures. Photos should be made against a background of beautiful interiors, as well as photographs on nature are allowed.

Completely excluded pictures in a normal home environment or with strangers:

The cost of escort services should be appropriate – it cannot be lower than 15 thousand dollars per hour. No authoritative agency in St. Petersburg will offer professional models at a lower cost. If you advertised low price, it is either cheating, or escort will consist of the most ordinary girls.

Each client should have the right and the opportunity to thoroughly discuss all the details of his order. Sometimes it’s not entirely appropriate to do with a representative of the opposite sex and even more so with your future companion, since the conversation can contain details of an intimate nature. Therefore, the escort agency should be administered by both women and men, as well as offering all modern communication methods (email, Whatsapp, Viber) to their customers, and not just the phone.

What girl does not dream of a luxurious life, including rest at fabulous resorts, a meal at expensive restaurants and friendship with the greats of this world? Someone is burying these dreams under the guise of a “good woman”, others conquer the peaks on their own, and others go on a deal with their conscience and fill up the ranks of the escort. Let’s just draw a line. Escort – this is escort . The difference between an escort and prostitution is that in the first case, expensive leisure is organized, which does not always (but in the vast majority of cases) lead to a sexual act, and in the second it is a banal “mating” with a rather predictable outcome. Girls from the escort, as a rule, have good manners, can be thrown by a couple of phrases in a foreign language (and even not on one) and have a decent education that allows them to satisfy not only the physical, but also the intellectual hunger of customers. During its existence, the agency has two bases: the base of girls and regular customers. The manager (or agent) is the link between the provider of the service (the girl) and the person who buys the service (the client). For regular customers, managers can advise which girl you can meet, in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Before the meeting with the client, the girls are required to tell who will be at this party, how to behave, what you can say and what you cannot. In case the customer does not like something, he has the right to ask for a replacement.  

  • Today’s Instagram is no longer a place for placing “nyashnyh” photos with puppies-mopsies and kittens, but a full-fledged platform for the sale of goods, services, or even … themselves, that is, a unique opportunity to spend pleasant time with the rich and influential of this world. And at the same time make money on this. And it is very good to earn.
  • This is especially true if you have a model appearance from nature. When searching in the Instagram you are given access to 511 053 model profiles or those who identify themselves as such. That is, more than half a million girls are trying to prove themselves in this business. What do you think, what percentage of them will be guaranteed to succeed?! Well, if every hundredth.

How can you position yourself in Instagram?

Over the past few years, hundreds of accounts of nameless model girls have appeared in Instagram, showing both their external data and the attributes of the so-called luxury life for millions of subscribers. The publication decided to find out how these girls manage to win the love of network users and how they manage to monetize their popularity.

Usually the account is filled with fairly similar photos, however, some of them still make up a photo with a certain share of the creative. But still 90% of them occupy portrait photos of the model, and in the role of the background there are gyms, apartments, beaches, expensive cars, and sometimes, with a lucky coincidence, yachts of millionaires. By the way, when subscribing to the beauty page, the social network strongly recommends looking at a couple of more pages of competing girls.

Such accounts are highlighted with a profile description, where each model considers it their duty to post a cooperation offer and the email address of their manager. At the most “advanced” you can even find a link to a personal site, where a full-fledged “girl’s biography” is presented, and, more often than not, it is not a trivial “legend”, but the real truth. Sometimes even her biography.