Are women really interested in sex toys? If yes, many men wonder what kind of sex toys women really like? Apart from this, several questions arise in a man’s mind when he oughts to discover her girl and her fantasies. Also, a man thinks about weird sounding questions like do women like to masturbate as much as men do? Can a woman reach the level of orgasm with a sex toy faster than real sex? What types of sex toys are the top list of a woman? Will presenting a sex toy to my partner will turn her on?

The quick answer to the weird questions

All of these questions can sound weird and familiar. But they all are once in a lifetime thought by a man who wants to get more closer to her partner and make her crazy till she reaches orgasm. While the truth is yes, every woman likes to have sex as much as men do. Next, it can be difficult for a woman to reach an orgasm from sex. The reason behind this is that women have a completely different the sexual response cycle then the men. Also, our sensitive sexual spots are generally buried deep inside our bodies that men tends to reach on their own.

Are you interesting in collecting some quick facts related to women and sex toys?

Below are stated 7 Little known facts that you must consider women and sexual aids. These quick tips talk about women, sex toys, vibrators and all other stuffs that turn your partner on when she is not with you. (Even sometimes when she is with you as well).

  1. According to research findings, it has been finding out that the majority of women love to masturbate. But still their ratio is less than that of the guys, and it’s completely true.
  2. Women are smarter enough to use vibrators to play. For them playing with just their hands is great fun. They are easy!  
  3. Most of the women get ready to use sex toy as they think this can be an effective way of spicing up their relationship. Also, sex toys can become a base for restarting Adil and boring regular life.
  4. Some women love to hate their wildest section and never want to discuss what they do in their private. She loves to be a mystery all the time.
  5. Buying a sex toy can be a romantic idea for you, but probably it’s not. As a woman never wants sex toy as a gift because most of them want to keep sex toys FB secret friend and like to enjoy with them in privacy. (Although there are several women who do enjoy the introduction of sex toys in their bedroom pleasure)
  6. According to research findings, several women can reach orgasm from sex toy of any type. But they never consider it to be an open conversation in public where is most of the men are in habit of revealing things publicly. Furthermore, according to a survey report more than 90% of women like to achieve orgasm self-gratification. Also, many can have multiple orgasms from the repeatedly same activity.  and most can (and frequently do)! Have multiple orgasms from the same activity.
  7. Last and the most exciting one says, there are two different kinds of orgasms that women prefer using sex props or toys. The sequential orgasm which is a kind of multiple orgasms and this other type is a serial orgasm which is commonly found among those women who enjoy intensely and people experience with sexual aids. The woman with latter orgasm is the one who can reach climax many times in one single session of sex. Man consider this kind of women lucky.  

Final verdict

do discover women is not an easy task, getting an idea about her likes and dislikes related to sexual aids can at least help in adding spice and excitement to the relationship.