About Poppers

What exactly are poppers? Popper is a common name for Isopropyl nitrite, a chemical compound under Alkyl nitrites. It is a recreational drug that when inhaled, it increases the heart rate of the user, typically giving the user the satisfaction similar to using popular drugs like marijuana. When inhaled, poppers also case a relaxation of smooth muscles, and that is why it is largely used as a sexual enhancer.

The gay community mostly uses poppers to help enhance their sexual lifestyle, due to its ability to dilate smooth muscles during sexual intercourse. However, Poppers, just like any other drug, has effects on your body. Immediately after inhaling poppers, your body gets some changes. Your blood pressure decreases, your blood flow increases causing an instant relaxation of the smooth muscles of your body. When inhaled in large quantities, poppers could be a real danger to your health; it could even lead to death. It is best used under an expert’s advice.


How Poppers are used

Poppers are safe to be used by both women and men. It not only gets people high but also helps dilate soft muscles around the throat and the anus. Poppers come in liquid form packed in small bottles. Once you open the bottle, keep it at a safe distance and let the poppers aroma develop while you inhale it. This is the recommended method of using poppers.

Initially, people used to inhale directly from a vial after opening. However, this caused a lot of harm to the user including chemical burns on the nose and mouth, as well as throat irritation. It caused toxic harm to the entire respiratory system. It is not advisable to directly inhale poppers from the bottle. It would be safe if you used the recommended way of inhaling poppers.

What happens to the Body when Poppers are inhaled?

When a user inhales poppers, their bodies respond by increasing the heart rate. However, the body’s blood pressure decreases, and they experience an increase in blood flow. All these changes also cause the blood vessels and smooth muscles to dilate.

Poppers as Sexual Enhancers

  • They are said to increase libido
  • Helps maintain an erection for longer
  • Enhances sexual pleasures

Types of Poppers

There are different types of poppers by aroma available in the United Kingdom. Poppers UK come in various aromas such as

The most popular kind of poppers is the Liquid Gold Poppers. It is widely used in the UK as well as all across the world. On most of its review, people have praised it for not giving users headaches after use.

Poppers are very popular among young people and the gay community. Poppers have only one side effect which is an intense headache hours after using it. However, it is not recommended for people with heart problems or people who have high blood pressure problems. Poppers should be used responsibly in moderation. Huge doses could lead to death.