Dating is a common thing in this time and most of the people use these dating sites to have their partners. Couples love to spend time with each other for a long time and for that they go for long drives and dinner. It is an awesome feeling but sometimes because of some reasons girls feel stuck or are not interested in you. In such a situation she decides to ditch you. This is really very painful situation. To avoid this type of problems boys should always make their girls feel comfortable and provide them lots of happiness. It is funny but yes it is true that on internet there are a lot of tips provided and you can read more at tongue tutorials


Tips to make a girl addicted to you-

There are so many ways which help you to make the girls impressed and make her stay with you for a long time. Mentioned below are some of the tips for making your girl addicted to you-

Show your confidence – If you want long relationship with your girl then it is mandatory that you show the required confidence in front of her. Lack of confidence will make the girl to lose interest in you. Guys who are nervous and shy in nature are never liked by the girls as they sense the character of boys immediately. So, it is very important that you forget about all nervousness and start conversation with her without any hesitation.

Look your best – It never matters how smart you are, but the thing that matters is how you present yourself in front of your girl. Boy with good sense of dressing and latest trends is more attractive than the other smart and handsome boys who have no sense of trend and don’t know how to dress up. So, to impress your girl it is important that you should dress up properly, wear nice shoes, and also style your hairs in a good manner.