In the present time, women are no longer shy for their sexual desires. They now openly express about their needs and desires whether it is their work life or their sex life. Most of the women these days are working and due to excessive work load and stress, they get tired due to which their sex life gets affected to a great deal which in turn also affects their relationship. If you are facing such situation then there is no need to worry you just need tome time out for your partner and can boost the pleasure of your sex life by introducing the sex toys.

Among the several sex toys, women like the vibrators the most. There are many of them who have also posted their experienced in the form of Vibrator Diaries. If you are going to purchase the vibrator for the first time and below discussed are some types of vibrators that you can consider purchasing.

    • Classic vibrator – it is one of the basic vibrators that is straight and has an elegant shape. It is considered as the best for the beginners. Those who are getting it should use it at different angles and at different intensities to have the best experience.

  • Rabbit vibrator – if you are willing to get the best sexual experience then you can get this vibrator as it also offers the clitoral stimulation. This vibrator offers maximum pleasure as it has two ends, one that goes inside the vagina and the other that stimulates the clitoris allowing you to reach the orgasm quickly. There are several buttons to set the intensity of the vibrator and have an amazing experience.
  • Bullet vibrators – the best thing about these vibrators is that they are pocket friendly, quiet and offer the best pleasure. So, you can enjoy the pleasure without anyone knowing about it.